Easy Way Increase Fruits and Vegetables For Your Child’s Diet

As a child, it is natural to be demanding and stubborn. And as parents, we know that the education of children in a good physical and mental performance is not an easy task. A major problem for most children is that it seems to eat enough fruits and vegetables, making it a part of your daily diet nutrition is important. It is known to be filled with nutrition. But the green on her tray to seek protection in all possible directions. If your child is a bit ‘bigger, simply filter the vegetables before consumption, while the child may have to take a run around the house while you try to feed him.’S Constant nagging, forcing the race and not healthy for mother and child as well. As a parent to give up or give in to your child’s stubbornness is not the solution as a complete diet during childhood are important for growth and development. well let worry, there are some tips and tricks that can help your child to eat fruits and vegetables.

An easy way to increase fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet

It is difficult to make children the recommended dose of fruits and vegetables, without creating too much of a task, maintain and scream at the table. One very important thing is to be patient and not force or nag. It seems difficult? How to make simple information below.

Start with the ideal, examples and realistic expectations. Be a role model for children. Let them know how much you appreciate fresh produce. If you do not follow a healthy diet, kids can also follow the same. As mentioned above, be patient, it will take time for the results.
Get healthy food when it comes to food. The filling and stacking only healthy foods will help to establish healthy eating habits. Let the children take part in the purchase of fruits and vegetables. We will choose their favorites.
Experts also suggest another solution to help children to eat healthy is found in fruits and vegetables. Come on creative and fun to grow vegetables and fruits at home easily. It may be a small tray or in a garden with a vegetable base. You can also take your help to wash fruits and vegetables.
You can also help your child explore the world of fruits and vegetables, both online and at home, or take a short trip to the vegetable farm.
The more creative way to introduce a healthy diet is to play fun games. Experts believe that children need to test and see the food at least 15 times to develop a taste for it. Any plans to send some hints of fruit and vegetables. Gradually, they will develop a taste and love to eat in a healthy way.
Variety is the key. During the introduction of fruit and vegetables, including a variety of plants. Do not force a certain set of vegetables each day. Try the different options. Enter one or two pieces of fruit per day. Given the nutritional guide for children, recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables five servings of fruits and vegetables. Is 2-3 cups 1-2 cups of vegetables and fruits. Carefully distribute the meals.
Serve and cook vegetables in different ways. Grilled vegetables or use steam in the pastas, salads, sandwiches. Add to that your child loves. Cut into small pieces, mainly viruses of bits. Stack where they can be useful. Cut a fresh fruit basket and keep track of the refrigerator. For snacks, keep the dried fruit and packaged fresh and practical.
Cut vegetables and fruits in different forms of creation, you can also use a colored plate. Create drawings and fun things on the plate and sandwiches, encourage the child.
Use fresh fruit in the morning with breakfast cereals, used in small portions at each meal. But avoid canned and processed. Try to get fresh fruit.
Bake interesting, try different recipes that include vegetables. Puree vegetables and use in recipes. Juices and smoothies. Chop the vegetables raw or roasted, add their favorite sauce or salsa.
Sit down and talk with your child about the importance of diet, as also use your favorite hero or cartoon character to help them understand. Create a positive image of fruit and vegetables to children. Still celebrating encourage and appreciate any effort you make.
Enjoy your favorite meal sometimes. Do not force the child to a facility or a dish. Try different versions and above all, do not give up. You should always try to eventually eat fruits and vegetables, without forcing.

The risks of poor diet

The risks of poor diet

If you have bad eating habits, you are susceptible to health complications, some of which can be fatal. One of the reasons that they continue with their bad habits, because most complications occur over time, not overnight. Eating habits are hard to change, but with a little discipline and consistent effort, you can do. There are many diseases and conditions associated with poor eating habits. A poor diet can lead to the following conditions:

If your body mass index (BMI) greater than 40, so you are overweight and are subject to problems ranging from the restriction of the movement of the race. Obesity also puts a strain on the joints and the pain experience rather uncomfortable. Obesity also causes the breakdown of cartilage in the joints that can lead to diseases such as osteoarthritis. The inactivity caused by obesity can also be a disturbing symptom.

This occurs when the heart pumps blood in excess, which puts pressure on the artery walls. People can live without symptoms of high blood pressure for years, but can cause complications suddenly and unexpectedly. Hypertension is also a cause of kidney failure and heart disease.

A psychological condition caused by poor eating habits and obesity is depression. In some extreme cases, people with depression known to commit suicide. It also provides a state of inactivity and loss of interest in routine activities, such as going to work, doing household chores and lack of personal hygiene. Low self-esteem is one of the other symptoms that may be caused by this disease. Things like career and relationships education is largely preventable in that state. » Read more: The risks of poor diet