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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Sports

Framing Team Sports Posters When you were growing up you probably wall papered your room with your favorite posters like most people you know. Hanging posters showed how much you cared about that idol of yours. It might feel sort of juvenile to continue hanging posters around the house as an adult, but there are some ways to do it so you don’t have to completely let them go. If you have ever considered getting your posters framed, now might be the time. It is actually a nice gesture to show off how much you love your favorite sports team, and there is no reason why it can’t be loved from behind a lovely gold frame. Hanging up your framed posters might be the perfect choice if you some sort of man cave or even a TV room that is a little more lax on it’s decoration standards than the rest of the house. A man cave is often sports themed anyway, so a sports poster is one of the best decorating accessories you can have in a room that is built to enjoy sports in. Make sure your wall decorations are appealing but also look mature and refined. Your artwork can be both beautiful and fun if it presented right. If your fun side is influencing your decoration choices it will be a nice representation of you in your home. If you need to give a gift to a kid or teen any time soon, consider the framed sports poster for that as well. Extra points if you can swing getting them an autograph or two on the poster. Also if you are involved in any charities or auctions framed sports posters tend to do quite well.
Where To Start with Frames and More
When you are selecting a framer, you will want to find a framing company that specializes in poster framing. Posters are a specific size and need to be fit perfectly flat under the glass to avoid a bubble look. There are endless colors of frames to choose from at a local framer, so that part of the process can also be a fun one. Companies that specialize in sports poster framing might also do some fun options like having a football on the outside corner of a frame, or offer some lighting options for the top of the frame. You might choose metal or wood to frame your poster which will give it quite different looks, and you can choose from something barely visible to an ornate carved wooden frame. You can frame some things on your own but if you trust a professional framer to the job they can make sure it is perfect from every angle and ready to be hung on your wall.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Frames? This May Help