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The risks of poor diet

The risks of poor diet

If you have bad eating habits, you are susceptible to health complications, some of which can be fatal. One of the reasons that they continue with their bad habits, because most complications occur over time, not overnight. Eating habits are hard to change, but with a little discipline and consistent effort, you can do. There are many diseases and conditions associated with poor eating habits. A poor diet can lead to the following conditions:

If your body mass index (BMI) greater than 40, so you are overweight and are subject to problems ranging from the restriction of the movement of the race. Obesity also puts a strain on the joints and the pain experience rather uncomfortable. Obesity also causes the breakdown of cartilage in the joints that can lead to diseases such as osteoarthritis. The inactivity caused by obesity can also be a disturbing symptom.

This occurs when the heart pumps blood in excess, which puts pressure on the artery walls. People can live without symptoms of high blood pressure for years, but can cause complications suddenly and unexpectedly. Hypertension is also a cause of kidney failure and heart disease.

A psychological condition caused by poor eating habits and obesity is depression. In some extreme cases, people with depression known to commit suicide. It also provides a state of inactivity and loss of interest in routine activities, such as going to work, doing household chores and lack of personal hygiene. Low self-esteem is one of the other symptoms that may be caused by this disease. Things like career and relationships education is largely preventable in that state. » Read more: The risks of poor diet