Body Slimming Tips and how Effective and safe–there are many ways to lose weight, ranging from various methods of diet, exercise, liposuction surgery, acupuncture, until slimming medication. Where is a safe and effective? Read from our article of how to be health with weight loss.

Refer to the WHO, it is said that a good weight loss cannot be done instantly, but it is a long term therapy. Needed to reduce the weight rather than simply reducing portion of a meal, but also needed the guidance of a nutritionist before making any dietary changes, physical activity, and accompanied by behavioral therapy.

To find out how slimming which is healthy, safe, and effective, please read the following to complete description.

How to dispose of fat that is currently operating trends are liposuction and tummy-tuck. This operation was chosen because a lot of weight can fall dramatically without the need to go on a diet and a workout tired, it is proved by the testimony of an artist. But why Yes although fat is removed, the body still fat?

Basically the liposuction is surgery to remove the fat under the skin, and is done to achieve the harmony of body shape, not to lose weight. While tummy-tuck is the process of disposal of excess fatty tissue and skin on it to form a body more aesthetically. Any reduced fat may not be more than 3-5 kg once operation

According to a nutritional specialist, dr.Johanes Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, both types of operations are always done doctors against patients who have fatty body weight after shrink. So, once the new surgery to lose weight, not surgery to lose weight because after 3 months of body fat will come back.

This action is selected if any slimming method with no luck. Bindings mounting tool is Gastric “Binder hull” that cause gastric pouch is smaller so we are not going to eat too much because the body feel full faster. Through this action the weight can be reduced by 35-60 percent in 12 months.

In contrast to the temporary bindings gastric, gastric by-pass is permanent, the doctor will make a ‘ road ‘ liaison between the base of the hull with the intestine so that food does not, however, directly into the stomach through the intestine. With gastric by-pass, weight can be reduced by up to 80 percent. To do both types of such action, the patient must be aged over 35 years.

Acupuncture method to date has yet to be scientifically proven able to lose weight. Generally the patients ever stopped in the middle of the road because it never received the expected ideal weight.

Prior to the trust by the lure of advertising, should be thoroughly washed in drugs and supplements. Food and drug supervision agency of USA (FDA) even forbade the consumption of slimming supplements containing content of active e. sinica ephedrine or because of psychiatric symptoms have side effects, as well as make digestion channels interfere with heart palpitations.

Although mention was able to lower the fat content, not a few slimming drugs are only able to reduce body weight 1.2 kg for 6-14 weeks, the equivalent of a diet of low calorie 1250/day on a span of 0.5 weeks without any medication. But if you want to use supplements in order to slim beautiful and healthy, then we recommend the drug Agency Bio Herbal Slim Slimming for you.

Popular diets are often referred to as “Fad Diets”, has characteristics among others; promising rapid downturn, can cure a variety of diseases, recommends the use of feed supplements, based on a specific time, restrict or prohibit certain foods and just for a point of view.

Which can be classified into fad diets such as low-carb diets, food combining, a diet based on blood type, the mayo clinic diet. Because of the many restrictions on certain types of food to eat, usually the body’s needs will be unmet due to a shortage of nutritional vitamins, iron, and fiber.

In terms of nutrition, each meal time (morning, noon and night) recommended eating food that varies in amount, because the body requires a balanced range of nutrients at once.

Although there has been no definitive answer where the most appropriate diet for weight loss, but Dr. John recommends diet patterns conducted by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) in the us. The data sets are NWCR (there are 4000 people) who have managed to lose weight more than 13 kg and persisted for over 5 years.

Characteristics are low-fat diets (24 percent of caloric intake), carbohydrate intake is quite high, low in calories (1300-1500 kcal/day). Because we could not figure out how the calories contained in the food, dr.John suggested to reduce the intake of less than ordinary portion.

Well, beautiful and healthy Slim Article about How Slimming Tips and Effective Body and secure on this occasion. Read also the article slim beautiful and healthy before about the importance of keeping the body stay slim to make the body healthier. May be useful and could be a reference for your ideal body.

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